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Welcome to the official website of Bimbola Tayo-Bamidele. I am a child of God, whose greatest passion is Christ - all that He is, all that He represents, all that He's done, all that He's given and all that He teaches. My greatest desire is to be like Him in every way and in all things. My highest commitment is to His call, His will, His program, His plan and His purpose for my life and lives tied to mine.

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Statement of Purpose

This website was created and designed with the sole aim of reaching out to the world, and feeding the spirit of men and women, by providing spiritual resources that help to focus on the needful, in a world where so many stuffs are calling for attention and are capable of distracting one from what is needful and of necessity. The purpose is to spur you in your journey towards becoming everything you were made to be in God.

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Illuminations Leadership Academy

Sometime in the year 2009, I got overwhelmed with situations and happenings around and cried out to God to raise leaders after His own heart in our generation – Leaders who will fulfill all His will and carry out His program fully, in our homes, in government, in the medical sector, in the entertainment industry, in education, in sports, in our churches, in every industry and all over – Leaders like David who will serve their generation.

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Leadership is never about the status or the position you hold anywhere. It is about you, who you are, and the values you uphold, that are able to inspire others, influence them, and command their respect and consequently, their followership.

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